Isaac Drookman / Partner

Isaac Drookman became a partner and director of sales and marketing of ZB Hospitality in 2004. Isaac is responsible for overseeing the growth and development of all the business initiatives. Isaac is actively involved in the day to day sales meetings and has a strong background in logistics and marketing. He has introduced and accounted for the success of many new and unique food concepts.

Throughout his career, Isaac worked with the some of the top wedding and event vendors in Canada. Isaac learned each vendor’s strengths, which allows him to introduce clients to those most compatible, assuring that each will receive the highest level of service. Isaac will execute your concepts flawlessly while maintaining a pleasant, calm and accommodating demeanor to ensure an incredible experience for you and your guests. Isaac promise to his clients is to be involved in each and every aspect of the event to ensure every detail of the food design and planning process is completed to perfection.

Isaac Drookman is currently living in Thornhill, Ontario with his wife Nechama and two children. As well, Isaac is a committee member of various educational institutions and Involved in various nonprofit organizations charities.